Funk Up Your Fitness Style

It’s time to turn your workout clothes from basic to bold. Making the transition from black to red or blue might not be as hard as it seems. Our psychological reactions are positive when surrounded by brighter hues. Transform your color range and see if it improves your confidence – whether in or out of the gym.

Anyone who knows me knows I love spunky-looking workout gear. But that wasn’t the case a few years ago. I used to always wear either black, gray, or white. However, after getting tired of wearing the same dark clothing I decided to change it up a bit. Besides my basic T-shirts (currently, trying to avoid basics tees and working on building my dry fit shirt collection), I love bright workout leggings!!! Yes, I am that girl that walks into a gym wearing bright, pink leggings but I crave the motivation and energy that it gives me. It can give you that extra pep in your workouts.

While the clothing looked and felt great, the price for leggings like these were not. For those working with a budget…which I am sure is most of us…I found great deals at stores like H&M and Forever 21!! Great deals like $10-$15, not $45! While I like brands such as Nike and Under Amour, my eyes bulge at the prices for sportswear at stores like Sports Authority or Dick’s.

Found these on Pinterest…just some of a few sports clothing that I would want.

How do you all feel about your sportswear style? Please comment and give me your feedback! 🙂