Eating on Banana Leaf

Eating on a banana leaf is a tradition in countries like India, Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad. This past weekend I had the pleasure to try it out myself and I was able to notice some differences in comparison to eating with metal utensils and on paper plates.

Eating on banana leaf is a custom that dates back thousands of years; however, its benefits still exist. Based on my own research I have found several differences and benefits when eating in this manner.

Benefits of Eating on Banana Leaf

HEALTH: Banana leaves contain polyphenols, which help fight against free radicals and diseases. Banana leaves are hard for the human body to digest when eaten directly; however, the food eaten in the leaf absorbs the polyphenols from the leaf. There are also reasons to believe that the leaf can kill germs in the food due to anti-bacterial properties.

FLAVOR: When eating off the leaf, I found my food to be more flavorful than usual. Using metal utensils can give a somewhat metalic taste to the foods. In addition, hot foods melt the waxy coating from the leaf, introducing more flavor and even tastier food.

The banana leaf also is eco-friendly, in that it decomposes far quicker than plastic.


Getting back into eating healthy and a workout after vacation…

This past weekend I went on vacation that ended up in a few binges and more than a few regrets. Although I was able to squeeze in a workout, avoiding sugary foods can be harder.

 The only thing that makes me feel better and motivated into getting back into a healthier routine is to remind myself that it is in the past and I can do better tomorrow. After getting home from my vacation and went straight for a run and picked up some healthy snacks. 

It is easy to get tempted over a relaxing vacation but we also have to try to remind ourselves that each indulge takes us one step back. While we can eat some treats, we should remind ourselves not to overeat.