I don’t like the word “diets”

What do you think of when you hear the word “diets”? I think of lots of salad and the frustration of not seeing results. I think of people quitting after a month..if even.

I don’t like diets because it seems like a temporary solution to something that takes a lifetime of commitment to your health and body. When I eat, I don’t eat to feel happy and healthy. I feel happy to eat.

The food choices we make shouldn’t last a few weeks or months; instead, they should be a lifestyle. I want to eat healthy foods throughout the duration of my life, not until I reach a certain number on the scale or a body structure I like.

Yes, I like sweets and desserts. I more than like them…I love them. I do have the occasional binge when I feel that crazy urge. But I also know that it happens and it is not a “mistake” to “mess up.” Even people who eat totally clean die.

So eat your oatmeal, vegetables, and fish. But also know there is nothing wrong with eating desserts. And diets aren’t always the answer for you.

Enjoy your day!


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