Unexpected Findings…Jillian Michaels!

Last summer I visited lovely California. While venturing through Malibu I was having a weird desire to go to a fresh market for strawberries! As a Floridian I expected to find a small side-street market. What I ended up finding was so much more that I ever thought. It was a combination of small food boutiques that had smoothies, pet treats, fruits, desserts, and more. So here’s to say, I found more that just a small side-street market and more than just fresh strawberries!

While getting my hands on every sample available and buying more food than I probably should have purchased, I saw my mom looking at me with a strange and shocking look. After questioning her she told me that she was pretty such she saw Jillian Michaels. If you know me, then you know I watch and follow Jillian Michaels’ workout video if I can’t make it to the gym. And her videos always give me a killer workout.

After my mom told me she saw Jillian Michaels, my mom told me to go up to her and meet her. She looked like a normal shopper with her son but I felt intimidated because I knew she was more than a normal shopper! I then talked to the vendor and asked the vendor if she was really Jillian Michaels. The vendor said, “yes, go talk to her. She is really approachable!”

Nervous and excited my mom and I approached her and meeting her was amazing! Not only was she nice and listened to my rambling but she also kindly agreed to a picture!IMG_2863Never would I have thought my strawberry craving in Malibu would lead me to meeting someone I follow dearly for workouts!



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