Stomach fat not budging? – Ab Workout

Does anyone else wish they could get rid of the extra fat on their stomach? Does anyone feel the motivation to do an ab workout one day and then the next day they lose that motivation?

I have never had abs that show. Of course, I know my stomach muscles are there but there is a layer of fat that covers them. Some days I feel so jung-ho to do some ab exercises but that motivation does not last very long and I’m back to feeling frustrated and hopeless.

However (!!!), after going to strengthening classes at my college’s gym I have found the perfect way to get that ab workout in without feeling like I have to plank all day long.

The workout is a total of 7 minutes consisting of 13 different ab exercises with 30 second intervals. Honestly, it is not a workout that can be done once a week. For results to eventually show this 7 minute workout has to be done everyday. Sometimes I do it even after I’m showered and in my PJs because I do not want to lose the routine.

So here it is:

30 sec – crunches (with knees bent and feet on floor)

30 sec – crunches (with legs in air and knees bent 90 degrees)

30 sec – reverse crunches (legs in air at 90 degree angle, crunch lower abs to push legs up)

30 sec – straight leg ups

30 sec – 6 in hold (raise legs 6 inches off the floor and HOLD for dear life)

30 sec – alternative heel touches

30 sec – russian twists (eventually had a hand weight to increase strength)

30 sec – sit ups (with knees bent and feet on floor)

30 sec – sit ups (with legs straight out and resting on floor)

30 sec – windshield wipers

30 sec – vertical toe touches

30 sec – scissors

1 min – plank (it is possible!)

I introduced this routine to some of my friends and we laughed and groaned throughout it all. Try doing it with a friend or a family member! But do not give up! Persistence will give you the results you want, just think of the goal and the bigger picture.


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