Beware of pH Levels in Your Diet- Part 2

After finding out I had acidic pH levels, I hit the internet to find out how to change my diet and what I was doing wrong.

According to my research, I found that common risks factors for acid reflux are:

  • eating large meals or lying down right after a meal
  • snacking close to bedtime
  • eating foods like tomato, garlic, onions, or spicy/fatty foods
  • drinking beverages like alcohol, carbonated drinks, coffee, or tea
  • smoking

So I don’t smoke or drink alcohol, coffee, or carbonated drinks, but I love tea and I would eat meals that consisted of tomatoes and spicy foods.

Acidic pH levels are 1.0 – 6.9. Alkaline pH levels are 7.1 – 14.0. And a neutral pH level is 7. My basic biology classes taught me this but I guess I didn’t realize how important it was and how it could affect my body. For example, if acid reflux is left untreated and without a change in diet or exercise, throat cancer can develop!!!

So all of this is great information but I needed to find out what I needed to do to fix my diet. Since most diets can cause unhealthy acidic pH levels, food was the first thing I needed to adjust.

Hours of research led to the understanding that vegetables had to become my best friends! Some alkaline veggies are beets, broccoli, spinach, cucumber, celery, and kale. Some alkaline fruits are banana, apples, grapes, watermelon, peach, pear, cantaloupe, and berries. HOWEVER, do not overdo the apples and peaches because they are somewhat acidic but they are okay in moderation.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 1.58.09 PM.pngTwo months have past since my ER visit and I am able to eat acidic foods again but I definitely pay more attention to my intake. It was hard at first to adjust and find the right foods to eat because I relied on the college’s dining hall to feed me. However, I knew this was to help me get better and I didn’t want to feel that stomach pain again.

As for my tea, I learned that black tea is acidic but I could still drink green tea and herbal teas! 🙂 Please be aware of what you eat because it can hurt your stomach if you’re not paying attention.


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