Beware of pH Levels in Your Diet – Part 1

As a freshman in college I have a meal plan and go to the dining hall frequently. Although it is not mother’s cooking, it keeps me full and has some variety. I don’t eat read meat and I get queasy when I eat chicken off the bones…lol.

I would eat omelets every morning that contain tomatoes and almost every entree I had was tomato-based. I didn’t pay attention to the tomatoes and the quantity intake because it didn’t seem excessive.

A few weeks later I did an ab workout at the gym and I immediately felt some pain in my stomach afterward. I thought I was just sore from my workout; however, the pain consisted over night and for the next couple of days. I  tried stretching to relieve the pain and hoped that it would go away. I did every ab stretch and upward dog pose I could think of but nothing worked.

Eventually I consulted my parents and immediately they were worried. They suggested I see a doctor as soon as possible. Little did I think that a parent’s “as soon as possible” means “see one right now and go to the ER!” After the poking and prodding from the doctors and nurses the only thing they could say I had was Acid Reflux.

To continue…


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